Summer Family Mission Project

A Family Summer Mission Project

This summer we are encouraging families to create memories and make a difference in other’s lives. One opportunity that we want to offer up is to use the summer to collect back-to-school supplies so we can fill a backpack and give it to a child who could not purchase the basic supplies needed for going back to school in the fall. We will give the backpacks to some of our supported ministries in Detroit so that they get in the hands of some kids who would be blessed by your efforts.

Here is how it will work… As much as you can, we encourage you to get the entire family involved, help your children to be on the lookout for deals and maybe different things they can collect over the summer for these backpacks. Allow them to take ownership of the tasks. We have broken down a suggested list into weekly items to make the tasks more affordable and to encourage a continued focus on the project. However, by no means do you need to follow the schedule or be limited to the items below. The schedule is merely a suggestion to work with! In addition, we have broken down the cost of a backpack (approx. $30) into sections with the hope that your child can raise the money themselves and take ownership of the project. Once the money has been raised, then they are ready to purchase the backpacks and fill it with the supplies they have assembled. Please turn your backpack in no later than August 27 so they can immediately be delivered.

Have fun with this! Use it as a teaching tool with your kids, but make some memories and tell some stories through it! If you stumble upon some good deals, tag Faith Church on Facebook or Instagram so we can get the word out. If you have any questions, contact Jason, Darren or Ann.

Here is the schedule:

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