Refugee Week


What is Refugee Week?

Refugee week is a time for students to become aware of the refugee situation, experience what life as a refugee may be like and work to raise money for refugees. Together, we will consider the Christian response to refugees. Our hope is that your student’s heart will be aligned with the heart of God and will follow Jesus’s commands to care for widows and orphans and to love those who are in need.

Who is Refugee Week For?

Refugee Week is week is a week-long experience for high school and mature middle school students who have an interest in learning about refugees. Parents should carefully consider whether or not their child is ready for this week – the week will cause students to step out of their comfort zones.


When is Refugee Week?

Refugee week is the week of September 25th – October 1st. Students will participate in two large group events as well as individual daily devotional reading, prayer and experiential challenges.
  • Sunday, September 25th, Fund Raiser Car Wash: Refugee car wash fund raiser from noon – 2:00PM at the church. We will raise money for the Youth Missions Fund. You can download and print car wash reminders to give out to your friends and family or a letter will be sent out next week with coupons in it.
  • Daily: Going through a guided devotional reading, prayer time, and completing daily challenges like asking a friend what they think of refugees throughout the week.
  • Saturday, October 1st:
    • Morning Fast: Students will fast at home to prepare their hearts for the evening film screening and prayer meeting.
    • Refugee Film Screening, Dinner and Prayer Meeting, 6:00PM – 8:30PM – We will meet together at the church have dinner, watch a documentary on refugees, pray together and hear a few testimonies from people who have worked at refugee camps. There is a $5 suggested donation for dinner, but it is not mandatory.

How do I Get Involved in Refugee Week?

Students who would like to participate in the week-long experience need to email by Saturday, September 24th.  Once you have signed-up, hand out the car wash reminders you printed or received in the mail to your friends and family. Remember, the sooner you pass the coupons out the better.  Registered students will receive their daily devotion, prayer and challenge packet after the car wash on Sunday, September 25th.


Students who are not able to patriciate in the week-long experience, but would like to help the refugees are encouraged to tell their friends and family about the car wash or donate to the event.  Donations can be cash or check (made out to Faith Church with etc… Youth Missions Fund in the memo line) can be dropped off or sent to Faith Church, 160 W Hamlin Rd., Rochester Hills, MI 48306.



Contact Stu Sutherland ( or Darren Anderegg (

The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself Lev 19:34a