Missional Communities

Missional Communities are small or medium-sized groups of people who seek to live Up-In-Out together by encouraging each other’s spiritual growth, forming friendships of support and encouragement, and serving together in some way outside our church to be a blessing to our community. The name of each group below indicates its “Out” ministry focus. Each group will also meet together (often outside of that ministry) for fellowship and will encourage involvement together in one of Faith Church’s Bible studies. Contact the group leader for more about how those elements are encouraged in the specific group. For more information about each group, login to TheCommons.


Explorer’s Group

Time: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays with potluck dinner (5:45-7:30)

Location: Faith Church

Contact: Steve Sage

Our group is for those who are interested in exploring the idea of a missional community but don’t sense a strong pull to any of the other existing groups’ missions (or maybe Wednesday nights work out well for your schedule). We’ll begin with a simple potluck and meet simultaneously with the Middle School Youth Group. After dinner, we’ll explore different ways to be about Up (Bible study, discipleship), In (fellowship, encouragement), and Out (trying out various ideas and opportunities to serve together). The group will provide its own childcare, including ideas for family discipleship and including our kids in mission, so if you have kids younger than Middle School, bring them with you! Everyone is welcome.


Board Gaming Group

Time: 2nd Friday of the month (6:00-11:00ish) and 4th Friday of the month (potluck 6:00 to 9:00ish)
Location: Faith Church
Contact: Geoff  Skelton and Louise Skelton

Our missional focus is to build relationships with those who do not yet know Jesus, as well as fellow believers through board games and food. Sounds like a winning proposition, even if you lose the games you play! We have a monthly gaming night on the 2nd Friday of the month where we can invite our friends and acquaintances. We meet as a group on the 4th Friday for a potluck dinner, devotional, and time of prayer and encouragement followed by a board game.

Community Garden

Time: 1st & 3rd Sunday evenings with dinner (4:30-7:00)
Location: Our group rotates homes (mostly in Rochester Hills)
Contact: Matt Schmink

Our group meets as a whole group twice a month for dinner, fellowship, prayer, and a short intergenerational devotional with our kids before they go off to play. We are exploring opportunities with Raising Rochester to develop a community garden on our church property where our children can serve alongside us while we work alongside the wider community beyond Faith Church to raise fresh vegetables for children and others at greatest need through the Rochester Area Neighborhood House food pantry. Our vision is to include our kids in fellowship and mission, develop relationships with the wider community while serving alongside them, and help serve the hungry.


Expatriates Outreach

Time: Thursday (11:30am and 6:30pm)

Location: Our group rotates homes
Contact: Daniel Carballo

Our group seeks to reach out to people from different parts of the world who have come to live and work in Michigan. We seek to make friends with these people through family activities, sports, and social gatherings. We meet as a whole group each Thursday evening at 6:30pm for family Bible study, and we have an English class for foreign women on Thursday mornings at the church at 11:30am.


5point7 EPC Church Plant Support

Time: Once or twice a week

Location: 5 Point 7 EPC Church, 14531 Frankfort, Detroit
Contact: Pat Dolan

Our missional focus is to support the 5point7 EPC Church Plant in Detroit by reaching out to neighborhood children through an after school reading program that would be conducted up to two afternoons a week for up to 3 hours. Group members would volunteer on a regular schedule at the frequency that works for them. The goal is to establish personal Christian relationships with kids while helping them learn to read. The plan is that weekly professional assistance would be provided through the SOAR reading organization that helps mentors assess student needs and provides tailored material to help the mentor/student focus on specific need areas. During the summer, a potential Christian Sports Program or Vacation Bible School is likely to be conducted.


Military Avenue Tutoring

Time: Monday evenings with dinner (4:45/6:00-9:00)

Location: Military Avenue Presbyterian Church

Contact: Tom Henson

Our group volunteers with Military Avenue EPC in Detroit to help at-risk, inner-city children with their homework. Those who are able meet at the church at 4:45 and ride together in the church van, which some of our group uses to pick the children up and bring them to the church. The rest of our team enjoys dinner and fellowship together during that time. (If a volunteer cannot meet at the church at 4:45, they could meet us there by 6:00.) Once the children arrive, there is a program and then each of us helps a couple children with their homework before returning them home. We arrive back at Faith Church around 9:00.


Ministry to Immigrants

Time: 3rd Wednesday with Potluck (6:30-8:30) plus ministry opportunities
Contact: Gail Warnick

This is a very fluid, highly relational ministry where we seek to capitalize on opportunities that God provides to help build bridges for the gospel.


Oakland University Students

Time: Every other Sunday (5:00-7:30)
Location: Friesens’ home (Rochester Hills), open to rotation
Contact: Chad Friesen

This group will work with established organizations and ministries on the OU campus to facilitate relationship-building activities and service opportunities for all students (including internationals) studying there. Service activities like helping internationals learn English,  grocery trips for internationals, hosting students for meals, games, etc. as well as attending and supporting ministry events can help us form longer-term relationships with these students and be the light of Christ to them.


Women, Children and Widows Support Ministry

Time: 3rd Sunday evenings with dinner (6:00-8:00 PM)

Location: Our group rotates homes (Rochester Hills area)

Contact: Connie Whittaker or Ken Mage

We offer support to organizations that provide safe and stable environments for homeless women and children, and families who need significant assistance with housing improvements. We currently work with the Lighthouse of Oakland County (www.lighthouseoaklang.org) and their PATH program, which provides transitional housing to help homeless women and children gain the skills and confidence needed to live safely and independently. We assist with exterior cleanup and maintenance of the PATH house properties (yard clean up, lawn care, exterior painting & maintenance, etc.). As our group grows, we would consider supporting groups like Faith Works (faithworksmichigan.com).