Sunday School

Hebrews  | 9:00a | Room 201

A study of the Epistle to the Hebrews. This study promises to be lively and interactive. It is being taught by Mike Larkins. Notes and treats are provided. There is no homework and the
class is designed to work for you whether you attend every week or when you can. Hope to see you there!


Why Christianity is the Only Way
to God | 9:00a | Room 204

A class focused on the questions and answers about why Christianity is the only way to God. The class will also address the “Marks” that Christ demonstrated which his followers should also embody to carry his message to the world. Pat Dolan will lead the class through 12 lessons starting Sunday, 21 September using several reference texts that are short and easy to read. The class will include interactive discussion related to weekly text reading assignments.


Join us for HomeFront every Wednesday night

Dinner from 6:00PM – 6:45PM (Menu’s vary)

Worship from 6:45PM – 7:00 PM

Classes for Adults and Children from 7:00PM – 8:00PM