For the Sake of the Name – 2017 Missions Conference

Our Focus This Year: Caring For Our Missionaries

“You will do well to send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God.  For they have gone out for the sake of the name.”  ~ 3 John 6-7

The opening verses of 3 John call us to generously support missionaries. This is a “faithful” thing which we “ought” to do, and it makes us “fellow workers” with them in the gospel. But beyond simply supporting them, John says something absolutely incredible about how we ought to care for the missionaries that we send. He says we ought to send them “in a manner worthy of God.” Imagine! We are to send missionaries in a manner in which we would send God himself if he came to us and asked for support. Why? Because “they have gone out for the sake of the Name.” That is, they represent God himself to those who need to know God. Like us in our “sent” ministry here, they are ambassadors of God, representatives of his kingdom, that the world may know him and that he would receive glory as people from every tribe, tongue, and nation worship him.

This suggests that our missionaries need to be more than a line item in our budget. We need to get to know them and explore ways that we can truly encourage them and partner with them. Our keynote speakers and workshops will explore various aspects of what this could look like. It is our hope and prayer that each of us leaves encouraged and challenged with tangible ways to be engaged with our missionaries and the global advance of the gospel for the glory of God and the sake of the nations.

Conference Schedule – Saturday, March 25, 1:00 – 5:00PM

12:30-1:00 – Check-in
1:00-1:15 – Welcome & Orientation
1:15-1:25 – Missionary Spotlight
1:25-2:10 – Keynote: “Caring for the Sent Ones”
2:10-2:20 – Missionary Spotlight
2:20-2:35 – Break
2:35-3:20 – Workshops (Session 1)
3:20-3:30 – Transition Time
3:30-4:15 – Workshops (Session 2)
4:15-4:25 – Transition Time
4:25-5:00 – Wrap-up, Missionary Spotlight

Keynote Speakers: Scott & Mary Petersen

Mary will present the keynote address for the Saturday Missions Conference, and Scott will preach on Sunday morning. Together they will present one of the workshops at the Saturday Conference.
Mary is the Global Crisis Manager for Cru. Her responsibilities include training teams across the world to prepare and respond to crisis situations. Mary was the first missionary sent out from Faith Church (1982). They were married in May 1986, and have enjoyed a close relationship with Faith Church. They have four grown children and live in sunny Orlando.
Scott is the Field Strategy Coordinator for Global Aid Network (GAiN USA) for French-speaking Africa. GAiN is a branch of Cru and provides humanitarian coaching and strategies to Cru staff worldwide and their partners globally with the goal of opening doors for the gospel and building spiritual movements.

Saturday Missions Conference Workshops

We have three great workshops for you to choose from this year. Each workshop will be offered twice, and you will pick two to attend.

  • Scott & Mary Petersen not only are missionaries, but also bring years of expertise in providing missionary care to other missionaries, and therefore they have a unique and qualified perspective to offer us as we seek to more effectively care for our missionary partners.
  • Shawn Stewart represents our EPC World Outreach mission agency and will provide exciting perspective on an EPC-wide initiative called Engage2025 where local EPC churches and presbyteries work together with EPC missionaries to reach a previously “unengaged” (no, or very few, known missionaries) “unreached people group” (no viable indigenous church among those people).
  • Dean Swanson & Chad Friesen will share how our church groups do not need to choose between caring for missionaries and engaging in the mission field themselves—a model we encourage for all our Faith Church groups.

“Responding to Practical Issues Missionaries Face” with Scott & Mary Petersen
Cru & GAiN (a branch of Cru)
This workshop will help you understand some of the real challenges, issues, and needs that some of our Faith Church missionaries experience. You’ll gain ideas for ways you can show your care in practical ways.



“Engage2025 & Faith Church: Reaching the Tatars of Siberia” with Shawn Stewart
EPC World Outreach Mobilization Coordinator
Learn how you can impact an unreached people group even here from the USA! We’ll share about EPC World Outreach’s Engage2025 mission strategy; about Sam & Christa, the first of our presbytery’s Engage2025 team members; and how our families can engage with them in a manner worthy of God.


“Sending & Being Sent through Missional Communities” with Dean Swanson & Chad Friesen

Faith Church Missional Community Leaders
Dean and Chad will share their experience as a missional community both in reaching out to international students at Oakland University and adopting a Faith Church missionary as an example of what other groups could consider for themselves.

A Note About Kids

No nursery will be provided during the Conference. Childcare for pre-K through 5th Grade will be provided on-site for a voluntary donation toward the Youth Mission Trip. Youth are encouraged to attend the Conference.