In the Mix (the Special Christmas Edition) Is This Sunday!

When I first heard the name of the new IN THE MIX events here at Faith Church, I was intrigued. The name itself, of course, suggests it is something added to the regular mix of activities and programs already going on in around the Faith community. It also suggests the idea of the classic mixer, where people get together to meet each other. And somewhere in my mind, there is an allusion in the name to mixed nuts, which probably says more about the way my mind works than anything else.

IN THE MIX is something new our church is doing. The next event is planned for this Sunday afternoon. Organized by Kerry Welch and Jayna Pyke, IN THE MIX is an opportunity for people to spend time together. There are some casual activities (like board games and corn hole) and light snacks. This month, for instance, there will be hot chocolate and Christmas cookie decorating. They are even pulling out the snowball room from past Christmas festivals.

I talked with Kerry earlier this week about the event, and I was impressed by how much thought went into casting the vision for these get-togethers.

  • First, there is no targeted demographic. IN THE MIX was intentionally created to include everyone. So wherever you find yourself on life’s rich journey, IN THE MIX was intended for you.
  • The events are low maintenance — The goal here is to spend time together, to talk, play, and laugh, not organize and supervise and facilitate.  So come as you are and enjoy being part of the community. Meet new people and get to know others better.
  • There is a low commitment threshold — These monthly events are not scheduled on a regular day each month (think “planned spontaneity”). They didn’t lock down the third Friday evening of every month, or the second Sunday afternoon. Instead, Kerry and Jayna keep an eye on the calendar, and when there looks to be a promising time to gather, they make the arrangements. Also, each event is scheduled for two hours—enough time to settle in, but not so long that you need to clear the schedule.
  • Also, the intention is to hold IN THE MIX events at the church, making good use of the building.

So far the plan looks to be working. At the inaugural event in November, I was excited to have a chance to talk with Faith family outside of my regular circle, and the kids had a great time playing games and eating popcorn. So if you desire more community, an environment, so to speak, where relationships can grow organically, swing by this Sunday for IN THE MIX.

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