Fall Worship Schedule Begins Sunday, September 25th

New Service

The following Classes will be available for adults during at 11:15AM.  Please register online. Registration helps us know how many people to expect for each class and assign classrooms accordingly.

  • Prayer Group
    Facilitated by Pat Dolan.  (Conference Room)
    We pray through a specific discussion topic or part of the Bible followed by personal and corporate church prayer requests. Over and over again, Christ pointed out that prayer and God’s word, followed up by action are our primary weapons in the spiritual battle that is occurring every day. We’d love to have you join us in the front lines of this spiritual battle.  For more info contact Pat Dolan (dolanpj100@gmail.com).
  • “Family Matters”
    Taught by Jason Sewell. (Room 201)
    You and I were created to be in relationships. Some we chose, the other we call family! But when we look closely we see God has called his believers to work as a family. So what does that look like in marriage, parenting, church life? We will examine not only the call – but the how to – in living meaningful relationships with those around us. For more info contact Jason Sewell (jason@faith-epc.org).
  • “How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth”
    Team taught by Dave Snyder & Aaron Kazmierczak (Rm 201)
    Understanding the Bible isn’t for the few, the gifted, the scholarly.  God intends it to guide the life of every Christian. This class, based on the book with this title, will help you understand the different parts of the Bible―their meaning for ancient audiences and their implications for you today.  For more info contact David Snyder (david.g.snyder8.mil@mail.mil).
  • “Survey of the Gospels & Acts” 
    Team taught by Tom Austin & Tom Henson (Room 204)
    We’ll read and study these books in order to understand why it is imperative to apply their teachings to our lives. The course will combine study of the Scriptures through daily readings (1 page per day average) with discussion of what the Bible says to us. Video and instructor presentations will be used to expand the background in which they were written. For more info contact Tom Austin (teaustin@comcast.net).
  • Q&A with Pastor Steve (Sanctuary)
    Each week Pastor Steve will invite anyone who has a question about anything from the sermon, the service, about our church, or Christianity in general to meet at the front of the Sanctuary during the Education Hour.  It’s also a great way for newcomers to meet the pastor and get oriented to the church.


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