Faith in Action

You’re Invited!

Who: All members and attenders young and old.

What: Join us on a church-wide summer initiative to be a blessing in our community.

How: Look around your communities and look for ways you can show people in that community love. Maybe it is your neighborhood community or your sports community or our church community or any other community you find yourself in. Interact with the people in that community. Talk with them, invite them to one of our Faith Family Events (see backside), do something kind for them. And then, on Sunday morning, come drop a bouncy ball in a jar to celebrate the love you’ve shown. It isn’t a competition, it is a way for us to celebrate as a church community the ways we are coming together to love our neighbors. It is a demonstrative way to see that our small acts of love aren’t small, they add up to a whole ’lotta love in our communities.

When: Start now and we’ll finish up on September 4th.

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