Faith Family Fun

Summer is a time of fun, thrills, and excitement! We’ve created some events, ideas, and projects to help us all enjoy this fun together. Some of the items listed below are meant to help you participate in Faith in Action, some are meant to help you grow in your knowledge and love of God and some are just for fun. Each Monday, we will post some specific ideas on our social media pages, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Save these dates on your calendar. We’re still finalizing the details but will update you via email and social media as soon as everything is final. See if there is a friend or two you can invite along.

June 22 – Berry Picking
July 11 – Zoo Day
July 28 – Baseball @ J.J.’s Field*
August 3 – Music in the Park
August 8 – Beach Day
August 17 – Michigan Adventures*
* denotes you must pre-register

Ways to Grow

Growth can come through so many avenues; sometimes it’s through reading, sometimes through experiences and sometimes through our interactions with others. Our resident child development experts have some put together some ideas for all of these areas. They developed a great summer reading list and a list of activities that your kids will love and can involve others in. Check out the web page:

Summer Service Project

We know that school is just ending, and we don’t even want to think about next year, but this summer we are going to collect a different back to school supply each week so we can supply our ministry partners in Detroit with some needs for their kids. We’ll post an item each week for you to bring in or you can view the whole list of suggestions here: and bring them in on your own timetable.

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