Clothes Swap

Saturday, September 16 is Faith Church’s annual Community Clothing Swap.  The event runs from 9:00AM – 12:00PM.

A clothing swap is a totally FREE event with no obligation to bring anything or take anything.  It’s called a swap because people bring clothes they no longer need, and take clothes they do need. A clothing swap works like this;  at home, sort and fold clean clothes, clothes you wouldn’t mind putting on your family to go out in public, by size into boxes or bags.  Then, when you get to the swap, sort the clothes by size onto marked tables. Then comes the fun part, go to the tables with the size clothes that you want, and take what you need, free of charge. No strings attached. There are no minimums or maximums.

The swap will take place at Faith Church, 160 W Hamlin Rd., Rochester Hills, MI 48307. If you have questions, please call the Faith Church Office (248.651.3535) during business hours, Monday – Thursday 8:30AM – 2:30PM or email the office at

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