Christmas Show Brings Celebration to Friends and Family

31Live sheep. Decadently decorated trees. Freshly-baked cookies. Carolers.

These are just a few of the sights, smells and sounds that greeted many who came to Faith Church’s Christmas Show: A Family Celebration on December 14. The theme of the night focused on how the signs of Christmas can point to a deeper understanding of Jesus.

“The Christmas Show is a great example of what we want to be about as a church,” said Senior Pastor Steve Sage. “It’s an incredibly fun event for kids and families that helps build community within our church, and it offers the joy of that community to others at the same time. The whole celebration is centered in the birth of our Lord who came to create a spiritual family that opens wide its doors for others to join the family, too.”

The fun-filled evening included a variety of activities for attendees, such as crafts, cookie decorating, family pictures, Christmas karaoke, and a special room with a bounce house for children under five. One of the most popular stations of the night, for both kids and adults, was a black light snowball-fight room, where friends and family could playfully pelt each other with felt snowballs.

“The highlight tonight for my 10 year-old son was the snowball fights,” said Jung Hwa, who has been attending Faith Church for about three months. “And my 6 year-old daughter enjoyed the bounce house. I love being able to spend time together with people from the church. Since we’ve been coming to Faith Church, my family has been enveloped into the community right away. There is a genuine love here that is very welcoming.”

Youth Pastor Jason Sewell gave credit to the many volunteers, including the youth, who worked hard on the details of each unique section to help make the night a success. Meghan Zeile, who organized the children’s 5-and-under room, incorporated a tactile learning environment throughout her set up, creating stations where kids could enjoy a hands-on experience with sugar and cinnamon sticks, chunks of ice, homemade peppermint playdough, cardboard boxes decorated like playhouses, and a container of red-and-green pasta.

“My personal, favorite element of our Christmas event is the excitement of kids running around the church,” Sewell said. “We (the staff) want church to be a place that is safe and kids are excited to come into.” Worship Leader Rusty Gailey, who led a small band in festive music throughout the evening, said his favorite aspect of the event is the community that takes place with all of the volunteers and families serving each other, engaging in different expressions of fellowship.

Stephanie MacPetrie, who set up her bounce house in the children’s room, brought along ten first-time visitors to the event, representing friends from her neighborhood and son’s cub scout group.

“We have more than 20 kids in our neighborhood who all regularly play together,” MacPetrie said. “I took invitation cards for the Christmas Show home and passed them out to the cub scouts and neighbors.”

“Participating in events like tonight helps spread the holiday cheer,” said Mel, MacPetrie’s den leader.  “Christmas is the best time to get out into the community and give.” MacPetrie’s neighbor, Jen, added, “My favorite part about being involved in a community is that there is always someone you can go to, who can be in your backyard. It is great to be able to help and support each other.”

Adults of all ages also enjoyed activities throughout the evening. Anna Bouchard, who recently became a new member at Faith Church, spent much of her time standing in front of the Christmas carolers to provide them a “cheering section.”

“There is something for everybody here tonight,” Bouchard said. “Whether you are single or married, have children or no children. I love cheering on the carolers, the snowball fights, watching kids karaoke and seeing others have a good time.”

The eventful night closed with the Christmas Show program, which took place as a talk show with Sewell as the host.  After a series of games with live contestants, Sewell interviewed an “astronomer” about the stars and a “pastor/historian” about the signs of Christmas. The stars were revealed as one of many Christmas symbols that can be understood as a metaphor that points to Jesus: They help provide direction to others and are lights that shine in the darkness. Pastor Sage emphasized the importance of understanding how these symbols can point to Jesus and not to consumerism.  He emphasized that the most important sign of Christmas today is the way Jesus’ followers live as lights.  “Remember that we ourselves are signs as we seek to be a blessing to others,” he said.

Please join us at Faith Church for our Christmas Eve service, Wednesday, December 24, 7:00 p.m.


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