Big Fall Thing


Some of you read those three words and an excitement comes over you. Some of you read them and think: that’s the best they can come up with? (the answer is yes.) And some of you read those words and there is no response. You see – your response and exposure to previous retreats and church events are inner mingled. That’s just one minor example of having a worldview. A worldview can be summarized as the glasses through which you see life. That includes God, society, the future and even retreat information. This retreat we are going to examine what your worldview is and how you can best love and communicate with those who may share a different one. And maybe – just maybe – we can get you excited about next year’s retreat name!

The Facts to Know:

What: High School and Middle School Retreat
When: October 28 – October 30, 2016
Location: Camp Geneva in Holland, MI (
Cost: $99 – if paid on or before October 21. $119 from October 21 forward. Plus money for two meals. Checks are made payable to Faith Church
Lodging and Transportation: There will be separate lodging for guys and girls within the camp. Transportation will either be through church and rental vans or through a charter bus. Depends on registration numbers.
Who It Is For: All high school and middle school students who have a desire to attend. We strongly encourage you to reach out to those who are not familiar in the whole “church thing”. All of our teaching will be from the Bible and will be respectful of any religion who uses the Bible as a foundation for their beliefs. Our purpose as a ministry, is to show you that Jesus did not come to constrain our lives, but to give us life to the fullest!
What you can bring: The typical retreat stuff (sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, appropriate clothing for outdoor activities and lounging around), a snack to share with all, a swimming suit, a Bible (if you need one we got ‘em…just ask). No cell phones or electronic devices allowed.
What will we do: Our retreats are packed with a lot of stuff. They are infamous for their football games, late night chats, dodgeball, card games, powerful worship, basketball, great discussions over hot chocolate, messages that cause action, time to chill with friends and opportunities to make some new relationships. In addition – Geneva has some of the greatest facilities along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Want to know more? Contact Jason Sewell (248.651.3535 |