And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful. -Titus 3:14

Following the example of Jesus’ life and ministry, we seek to be a loving, spiritual family to those in need. Our benevolence ministry at Faith Church aims to assist those in need through three main areas: the Benevolence Fund, Community Resources and Spiritual Assistance. Please contact us if you need support or have any questions related to one of these areas.

Benevolence Fund

We collect a benevolence offering each month on Communion Sundays to help those who find themselves in a time of economic crisis. Our desire is to help both members and regular attenders within our church family, as well as those in our city who are in need.  We have limited our direct, financial assistance to members and regular attenders of Faith Church, while we pass on approximately half of all benevolence offerings to community partners (below) who are better equipped to come alongside those in our city with whom we do not already have a relationship.  Therefore, we encourage inquirers from outside our church to contact these partners directly, as we support and work with them for this purpose.

Our Benevolence Fund Team is a subcommittee of Faith Church’s board of deacons who are available to help Faith Church members and regular attenders during a time of physical or economic crisis. The team carefully and compassionately distributes available resources by following an organized procedure. This process helps ensure that oversight and accountability are being used when handling the generous gifts from our congregational benevolence offering.

Those in our Faith Church family needing urgent and temporary provision of financial aid in a time of crisis can fill out our benevolence request form. The completed form can either be mailed to our church office or sent through email. You will be contacted by a committee member within a week to discuss the next steps.

Community Resources

We partner with a number of local organizations that specialize in assisting with specific needs people face in a time of crisis. The Rochester Area Neighborhood House (RANH) is one of our primary partners in terms of benevolence. RANH provides assistance with food, clothing, finances, counseling services, transportation and referrals for other services to neighbors in crisis. Please contact us if you have any questions on how to get involved.

Other local organizations, and their focus areas, include:

  • Haven -Treatment and prevention services to help eliminate domestic violence and sexual abuse.
  • Grace Centers of Hope -Life skills education and work related programs to help those facing addiction and homelessness.
  • Crossroads Pregnancy Center -Services and counseling to help women and men involved in a crisis pregnancy.
  • HOPE Warming Center -Support services for those who are homeless.
  • City of Rochester -Utility services available to residents living in Rochester, Mich.

Please visit the Missions and Outreach page on our website if you would like more information on Faith Church’s partnership with these organizations.

Spiritual Assistance

Our benevolence team is committed to praying for you during a time of need. When you contact us with a request for assistance, you will be prayed for. Also, an assigned deacon, pastor or elder will take a leadership role in this area of support.

Our leaders at Faith Church are available to recommend a resource, program or counseling in the case of a non-financial crisis.